Men’s Facial Treatments London

Barbershop Facial Treatments in London

Facial treatments are an essential part of many men’s routines. They keep the face clean from impurities and allows for better renewal of the skin cells. A successful facial treatment rids the face of dead skin cells, black and whiteheads, excess sebum and other gunk that can accumulate.

A Masculine Pampering

At Porters Barbers, there is no need to brave the usually female-centric skin care shops and salons to get decent facial care. At our locations, the barbers are trained to execute effective treatments for every client. Using products formulated for the male skin, they are effective at keeping the skin looking great, clean and clear.

The Pick Me Up Facial

This service offers clients a facial treatment that boosts their tired skin back to its natural radiance. The process begins with a thorough cleanse and steaming to open up the pores. A barbershop staple, the hot towel, will further dilate the pores. The next application is a mask for men to remove unwanted matter from the skin.

A cold towel then closes the pores. A formulated toner rebalances the skin before a moisturiser is applied.

Pampering for the Modern Man

Porters Barbers was built with the vision of restoring the barbershops of recent history. More than just a place to get haircuts, barbershops were venues where gentlemen discussed varied interests. The barbershop became a place where men were taken care off while they discussed with each other and the barbers.

At Porters Barbers, we start off your experience with beer, coffee, tea or scotch. Our bar is ready to accommodate your preferred complimentary drink. To begin the soothing experience, allow our barbers to apply the treatment while you relax on our beautiful vintage barbershop chairs.

Porters Barbers accepts walk-ins as well as appointments for its facial services. Visit the locations page to find the nearest Porters Barbers nearest you.

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