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Looking for a hair bleaching barbershop in London? At Porters Barbers, we offer professional hair bleaching services that can dramatically transform your look into something that is both stylish and expressive. As professionals in hair bleaching, we understand the many reasons why our customers come to us to get their hair coloured.

Why Get your Hair Coloured?

Some men just simply want a quick root touch-up or an entirely different look. There are also men who want to take some years off by changing their grey hair with something close to their natural hair colour. Using our extensive knowledge on hair bleaching, we know how to properly apply and mix hair dyes, which includes speciality products that are designed for use on facial hair. We ensure that we will help you achieve the colour that you prefer and help you maintain your dyed hair.

Recommending the Right Hair Colour

We believe that skin tone should perfectly complement hair colour. We recommend that people who have fair skin tone should not consider deep brown and black colours. As for people who have medium or olive skin tone, they should avoid reddish colours. For people who are dark skinned, they should avoid bleaches that go more than a few shades than its natural colour. Although we are happy to provide our advice on male grooming, we will, of course, follow any preference you think is best suited to you.

Maintaining Dyed Hair

We ensure that we meet your expectations so that you are completely satisfied with your new look. However, if we notice that your hair is being treated too often with dyes, we will let you know so that you can maintain the best course of action for your hair and scalp.

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