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Our barbers are more than adept in the art of the close shave. A shave by an expert is an experience that every man deserves. Inside our establishment, you might enjoy the best shave of your life with a precision that can’t just be replicated at home.

The shaving cream, hot towels, massages and moisturisers our barbers use and offer are all top-shelf.

Kinder to Skin

With our service, you can achieve a shave that’s also good for your skin. A series of hot towels will open up your pores, allowing for a much closer and gentler shave. Our lotions and creams will soothe and reinvigorate. A close shave also exfoliates the skin of dead cells.

Experienced Hand on the Blade

The barbers in our shops have experienced hands that know exactly how to perform a shave. Barbershop shaving is not just about cutting hair close to the skin; it’s also about where to cut.

Our barbers can shape the hairlines of your sideburns and beard to create a very polished look that frames the face.

Head Shave

A shaved head is a popular look for men. They are easy to maintain, and they accentuate the natural features of the face. Let our barbers shave your head for you. Our shaving process uses lather that will keep your scalp moisturised during the process.

Our tastefully-furnished interiors, vintage barber’s chairs and complimentary drinks go beyond just a grooming service. For more information, you may book an appointment or walk into a Porters Barbers location near you right now.

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